Best CM’s MVA & current scenario explained read all thread Scene
1.BJP gets Majority of the seats in Maharashtra & as expected BJP was going to go ahead with Allaince with Shiv Sena, While BJP is celebrating our best CM goes to media & claims his 50-50 (CM post)government demand
Devendra Fadnavis calls Uddhav bhau to Sort out misunderstandings but Uddhav Bhau ignores the calls of Fadnavis hence giving a clear indication that Shiv Sena is not interested in forming a government with BJP.
Fadnavis goes to Amit Shah explaining the Hriday Parivartan of Uddhav bhau after that scenario Shah tells Fadvanis to wait & watch and let him handle the situation then Scene 2. Fadnavis tries convincing Ajit Pawar as he was always keen on forming Government with BJP.
Scene 3.Looking at the scenario Narendra Modi praises Sharad Pawar in Lok Sabha & soon after Sharad Pawar goes to meet Narendra Modi to ‘discuss the poor conditions of the farmers’ in the meeting Sharad Pawar asks for Agricultural Ministry (Cream wali Cabinet) for his daughter
Modi Humbly declines the request saying I will give you the post but not to Supriya but Sharad Pawar didn’t want it for himself after which Sharad Pawar demands Home & Finance Ministry of Maharashtra (Mota bhai enters)
To which Mota bhai declines as Home Ministry of Maharashtra was handled by Devendra Fadnavis himself.
Scene 4. Then Sharad Pawar does a meeting with Shiv Sena & Congress where Ajit Pawar has a Verbal Fight with Ahmed Patel regarding seat sharing..Fight got so intense that
Ajit Pawar leaves the meeting in between & promises Gathbandhan to Devendra Fadnavis but Sharad Pawar was sure of not forming Sarkar with BJP,Having the idea of the same Amit Shah calls one of the congress leader saying if you form government with Shiv Sena you will lose
Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan (Mota bhai has succeeded half way) getting this message to Antonia Maino she was not interested in Gathbandhan neither were Milind Deoria,Sanjay Nirupam (as they didnt want to hurt their Minority community supporters) but few Oldies of Congress wanted
Government Scene 5- Sharad Pawar plays his game over night and Ajit Pawar Withdraws the support with Devendra Fadnavis & Uddhav bhau forms government with Sharad Pawar & Antonia Maino. (Sharad pawar over here knew Shiv Sena wont be trusted next time & hence a political suicide)
Now current situation Scene 6- Congress has 8-10 posts in Maharashtra (cream wali posts) but our dear Pappu says Congress is only ‘supporting’ and not having a government in Maharashtra..dear sir,having 8-10 posts is called as supporting!?
Reason for this blunder? Congress’s name is getting spoiled because of inefficiency of our Best CM managing COVID -19 pandemic. In order to save the reputation & Rajasthan from going to BJP they’re withdrawing the support. (Too late RaGa) he’s sure government wont last long in MH
A lot of MLA’s of NCP,Congress & even Shiv Sena are wanting to resign not only because of lack of performance but even because of inner politics.. All I have to say in the end is that, Best CM’s government wont last more than 6 Months.
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