Ahead of the annual meeting, I’ll offer an unpopular opinion: Tesla should start advertising. Thread.

There’s too many misconceptions that need correction, & impact the willingness to even consider buying a Tesla, let alone to try one.

Let me know if you don’t agree & why
I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t think this is necessary because the products aren’t good enough. It’s that the misconceptions are so far off from reality that Tesla’s advertisements would be correcting them, not trying to make their product look good artificially
In my personal experience of working w professionals, incl many engineers, I’ve encountered (too many times) the casual dismissal of EVs whenever brought up

Most common:
“They take 8 hours to charge”
“They only go 200 miles”
“They’re ridiculously expensive”
“They won’t last”
There’s many others I hear too, although uncommon.

Unlike traditional advertising that makes a product seem better than it is, I propose they advertise the truth about what their products actually are.
Rather than let clickbait articles scare people into thinking EVs are more prone to fire, that range anxiety is a common problem, or that they’re terrible for the environment, Tesla’s advertising can shine light onto the avg consumer.
I’m tired of hearing and seeing the misinformation not only spread easily, but believed so willingly.
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