The @JoeBiden #COVID19 disability response plan is roughly equivalent to your car being on fire and your mechanic suggesting a plan to replace the brakes, rotate the tires, and change the oil. #AccessToJoe
You may be out of oil and the engine about to seize, the tires might be all out of whack, and the brakes may have failed, BUT THE CAR IS ON FIRE.

The first step is putting that fire out. For about 10 million+ of us? @JoeBiden didn't notice the car is on fire. #AccessToJoe
The notion that the only reason a disabled person would need #PPE is for their care attendant is genuinely insulting. #AccessToJoe
I'm willing to be patient, to assume good faith, to work collaboratively on disability policy. I think this thread was fair and honest. #AccessToJoe
But there's simply no time in the midst of a deadly infectious disease pandemic to merely hope that the presumptive Democratic Nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America has a team who understand that immunocompromised people deserve PPE. #AccessToJoe
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