EU green recovery package sets a marker for the world
What would this look like if Canada adopted the same scale of ambition & investment?
A thread (converting Euro to $CAD & scaling to GDP)… 1/
#ResilientRecovery #cdnpoli #shovelworthy
$10-13 billion to boost electric vehicle sales and a doubling of investment in charging networks

$15 billion/year in grants and guarantees for renovations such as rooftop solar panels, insulation and renewable heating systems - including plans to offer green mortgages
$1.6 billion in loans to leverage finance for 15 gigawatts of new renewable energy projects over the next 2 years

$200 million to finance hydrogen infrastructure

$5 billion for the development of green hydrogen

$3.3 billion to trigger investments for cities rolling out cycling infrastructure and clean public transport

In total, $38 billion of government investment & support for a #resilientrecovery - a once in a generation opportunity to put us on a net zero 2050 trajectory. 4/4
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