🧵A few initial thoughts on Choice in Education Act tabled today.
The Act attempts to make a few points:
1. Education in Alberta is Open For Business:
@Jkenney is clearly upset that after lifting the cap on charter schools, no new applications have been submitted.
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Todays bill, on the surface, does not say anything terribly new/groundbreaking (ON THE SURFACE). It is however an opportunity for Kenney to remind private organizations that the charter cap is lifted....

Today was a call from the mountain top:
#Abed is open for business.
▶️Unsupervised Unfunded Homeschooling:
@JKenney spoke of parental choice & PLURALISM today. Decoded,this is dog whistle to his religious base who may not want to teach evolution, climate change, gender diversity.They now have legislated, protected right to do just that
ParentalChoice: Parental choice should never supersede children's rights. Absent from today's conf was any reference to UN Declaration Of Human Rights Article 26.1:
Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free.
Children's rights supersede parental choice.
Vocational Charter schools: this is code for academic streaming. Make no mistake, this is a nod to streaming students at an earlier age.
#abed #ableg
All of this push for choice is @JKenney's way of absolving the govt of its responsibility to public education. It's a way to divest ABGOV of the common good & create a market for priv orgs to profit.
We've already seen how this plays out already in long term care centers
Finally, @AdrianaLaGrange went to great lengths to disparate SOS Alberta's role in the Choice in Education Survey & our legitimacy as a citizens action group. When she does so, she dismissed YOUR advocacy, YOUR voice and YOUR participation in democracy.
#Abed #ableg
SOS campaigns have been highly secure requiring each individual to validate their email so as to confirm individual responses.
When she dismisses us, she dismisses you.
6000 ABns CHOSE to go through SOS to have their voices heard instead of directly to the ministry-
9. Which speaks to the level of confidence ABns have in both @AdrianaLaGrange & @jkenney.
Do not let them dismiss us. We are citizens in action.

We will not only continue to choose public education, but we will continue fighting for it.

PublicEducation in #abed is not for sale.
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