In 1962 Sir Francis Kerr-Jarrett was the Custos & the majority land owner of St. James. He was a sugar manufacturer & played a huge role in Mobay being a tourist resort. He also wrote numerous letters and columns about Marcus Garvey and Rastas being a pest in Jamaica. #aThread
In 1962, Sir Francis Kerr-Jarrett & Seaga (Happy Bday!) had a plan to developed the Coral Gardens lands into a major tourist resort but Coral Gardens was always populated by Rastafarians. As that land belong to them for farming purposes; where a large population of Rastas worked
The bigger problem was that Kerr-Jarrett and the Govt believed it would be in bad taste to develop a tourist resort in areas where Rastas populate. As they felt that white tourists would not want to come out of their resort and boom a whole Rasta is right there.
So what the Government at the time decided was that the best choice was to tell Rastafarians; citizens in Jamaica, where they can and cannot walk because again white tourist don’t want to see Rastas.
So the police force would be sent in and any Rasta seen in the Coral Gardens strip would be assaulted, beaten, like life and death situation at this point.
On Friday, April 11, 1963 the Rastas got fed up with everybody; police, Kerr-Jarret & the government and decided that nobody can tell them where they cannot walk in their own country and that’s basically why the Coral Garden incident happened "Bring in all Rasta's dead or alive"
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