My essay about segregation in Classics-- it's establishment and maintenance-- is open access in the American Journal Philology today: Not For All: Nostalgic Distortions as a Weapon of Segregation in Secondary Classics. #ClassicsTwitter 1/
It is absolutely horrifying & inexcusable that we are dealing with these problems decades after Shelley Haley & so many other colleagues started demanding change (not to mention the generations of scholars who preceded us.) This is not a new problem. 2/
Activism around this problem is not recent.... if it feels like these problems are "just now coming to light"-- that is a false narrative. 3/
and it is evidence that the tireless efforts of activists were met with denial, retaliation, bystanding, stonewalling, and superficial, PR-oriented solutions that perpetuated the status quo. 4/
Any progress made to this point has been in spite of our professional organizations and the culture of the field, not because of them. That needs to change.
I hope the ideas in my paper can inspire action among readers & bring about systemic (& seismic) change in our field. 5/
If you would like to get involved in broader activism around these issues, please contact me so we can collaborate. Inaction is not ethical. Tolerating just a little bit of white supremacy is not ethical. Change is long overdue. END
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