This may not be good for my brand but I’m really struggling with my depression/ anxiety this week. I also know that this is not a topic that I should be silent about so I’m going to be brave and use my voice right now. I know it could help someone else who is struggling too. You-
Are not alone. Depression and anxiety do not discriminate against anyone. Pretty or ugly, black or white , popular or unpopular, rich or poor. It can happen to anyone. It does not mean you are crazy or that something is wrong with you. You are okay. I am okay. We will be okay.
It’s not a sexy conversation to have but it is one that NEEDS to be had. The more we talk about it, the more we disclose the less taboo it becomes. It’s okay to have depression /anxiety. It’s not fun but it’s okay. You are not weird. You are not bad. You are you and that’s okay
Also wanted to share : if a loved one or friend is suffering with depression sometimes a hot meal, a relaxing bath, massage, tidying up their space, lending a good book, helping take care of their pets can do wonders for them. We sometimes literally physically loose the ability-
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