Seeing the outrage for the death of George Floyd makes me incredibly happy. This movement feels larger and incredibly more potent. However, he didn't deserve to die to these white rats claiming they "serve the community." Behind every mask is a mask.
The police is a system of oppression target against minorities, specifically black and brown. (See Angela Davis' work, she's an eloquent writer.) Going for a degree in sociology has taught me many things. Damn near all of them scare me and make me wish I didn't choose this path.
But being scared is a human emotion and that gives me comfort slightly. All of us can be scared for our family friends and ourselves. But black and brown people face the most disparity and white people somehow claim that "white privilege" doesn't exist. For you it doesnt.
I was born white and never had my intelligence questioned, my attitude under a microscope, my health not taken seriously, my employment stiffled because the color of my skin. I thought I had some understanding but I'm lost all the damn time.
I thought being a social worker would be something I'd be happy with because I'm "doing the greater good". Thats a fucking lie. I'd only be a puppet in a broken system that claims to be benevolent but is secretly the fucking toxin.
The older I get the more frustrated and angry I get that people fail to see that people are dying for NO FUCKING REASON. Why the fuck white commentators have the most to say but live in sheltered fucking neighborhoods?
I don't particularly remember where I was going with this... but, I can't wait until white supremacy, racism, and prejudice explode like the death star. I just hope I live long enough to see it happen.
Now that I am reflecting on my posts. I should've used people of color. I'm sorry to those who view this thread.
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