In the coming days, you'll want to remember this.

Behind the scenes a literal civil war was being waged at the DOJ between the Trump administration & saboteurs deeply embedded within the agency.

That war, which was blazing hot in 2017, is now all but over.

The good guys won.
Then earlier this year the Mueller Special Counsel attempted to sandbag Barr again, briefing him that they'd recommend one sentence for Roger Stone but actually filing a different, far HARSHER sentence with the court.

When Barr intervened, all 4 Mueller SC prosecutors resigned.
While that was going in late January/early February, Barr had already quietly appointed the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri to be a Special Investigator & go into the DC US Attorney's office & investigate the Mueller/FBI's handling of the Flynn case.
It was just over a month ago that Jensen suddenly surfaced to hand off a series of sealed documents to the Flynn defense team headed by @SidneyPowell1.

The same day these documents began to be unsealed, the Mueller lead prosecutor, Brandon Van Grack, resigned from the case.
Van Grack's resignation was literally the end of this fight.

The Mueller Special Counsel and the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane team, every single thing they did is about to be fully exposed with direct documentary evidence.

The speculation & guessing is going to be over.
Judge Sullivan and his group of DC elite friends tried some pathetic last ditch banzai charge.

But it's not going well.

He's about to be slapped down by the DC Court of Appeals and the case is going to be dismissed.
The fact Senator Lindsey Graham finally got the go ahead about scheduling Congressional testimony tells me a lot is going to drop on or around June 3-4.

Those types of hearings are only good for 1 thing: raising the visibility of an issue as a post-mortem examination.
If most of the earlier SpyGate investigations the DOJ was running have completed or are about to, this would explain the sudden spate of declassifications we are seeing, with more coming.

I just found out in the last hour Grenell declassified even more documents.
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