Yes, you can.

Obviously some folks have never read the Weekly World News.
What it means is that social media is no more news than the Weekly World News, and that sorta stings for some people.
Social media isn't the problem.

The problem is people wanting it to be something it is not.
Information Theory 101:

Information is not knowledge.
That which turns raw data into wisdom is the ever increasing relevant context.

Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom

The final step requires one additional component: experience... otherwise known as "doing."
The goal of processing data into wisdom is a lifelong task.

It is a skill one continuously refines until the day comes you leave this world.

It is a continuous process of elimination, because bullshit always outweighs reality.

That's what Shakespeare is about.
In 2020, we want shortcuts.... "hacks."

There's no hacks to wisdom.

There's just the doing.

Some might call that "living life."

Others might call that "happiness."

Funny how that all works.
What do exist are "authorities"... those who have been there and done that and the t-shirt has long since worn out

The tech industry thrives on "challenging tropes" but somehow misses the basics of what makes us human, otherwise known as all of those good things that got us here
What is an "authority" in 2020?

What counts as the voice of wisdom?

This is what we wrestle with currently, I think.
The places where trusted authorities are wrong are the places where your life experience is to contribute to moving the species forward.

You don't find those places unless you are actually living life.
There are no shortcuts.

There's only what you're here to learn and contribute.

It just seems like so many people need to learn the lesson that there are no shortcuts.
This is across the spectrum of discussion right now.

There's no shortcuts to free and accountable elections.

There's no shortcuts to journalism.

There's no shortcuts to medicine.

There's no shortcuts to wealth.

There's simply no shortcuts.
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