. @JoeBiden has just released a disability policy plan. #AccessToJoe https://twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/1266098165511380992
Vice President @JoeBiden has committed to increasing the punishing, sub-poverty SSI benefit, currently just 74% of the federal poverty level, to *at least* 100% of FPL.

That increase of at least $3,364 per year would save lives. #AccessToJoe

Vice President @JoeBiden has committed to working with Congress to remove the #SSI restrictions that keep me from marrying my love. #AccessToJoe.
Vice President @JoeBiden, @cosetthetable and I want to thank you for promising to work to tear down the barriers that keep us from enjoying the same legal recognition of our love that you & @DrBiden enjoy and celebrate. #AccessToJoe https://twitter.com/mattbc/status/1189311837990469632?s=20
Mr. Vice President, we'd be happy to talk to you & @DrBiden any time about why this fight is vital for couples all across this country. Thank you for making this commitment – especially now when the legal protections of marriage are so vital in hospitals https://twitter.com/mattbc/status/1189314725261262850?s=20
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