Why it’s getting hard being a Toner / Exposing all the liars :(
1) The relentless bullying tones and I gets from bodyshaming comments, fake racist ss and trolls pretending to be a stan is truly saddening :(
2) Some of the member of TonerNation (like me) are sadly getting death threats from some certain people. @lil_chukyy (and @ArianaGrande stan) was telling me to kill myself because I was dragging bc of who I stan. I wanted to mass report them but then they ended up blocking me 😪
3) Our master (Ally @tonesandistan) sadly got $uspended on the same night USFC is coming out due to twitter thinking she was impersonating @tonesandimusic
4) All the trolls pretending to be a tones and I stan and racists putting a bad image on Toni (PART 1)
Troll #1
@imabadchild Gia PART 1 of PART 1
Pretended to be a tones and I stan while making extremely racist remarks and catfishing other people’s photos.
I’m not going to get in detail of what they said but you are more than welcome to see what they said on @lavendersgrande post https://twitter.com/lavendersgrande/status/1265825666576142338
Troll #1, Part 2 of Part 1
@imabadchild (Gianna) later admitted to not being a Toner and actually being an Ariana Grande stan trolling and lying to us the whole time to put a bad image on tones in our gc while changing their user to @NotATonesStan
Troll #1, Part 3 of Part 1:
@NotATonesStan also later deactivated:
Troll #2: @tonesandichart pretended to be a Toner but then later blocked all of our members. I assume this is also another troll
Troll #3 @riri4presidenta
Acted like they were a toner under a @PopCrave post, then later also turned down on us. Leaving our gc and saying these things:
Just bc one person (@NotATonesStan) who wasn’t even a REAL tones and I stan and was clearly mentally ill @lavendersgrande is claiming that we all are trolls and disgusting. Also @attalahIayali is saying this:
End of thread: shits getting insane and I hope y’all can finally understand hating on @tonesandimusic is not a personality trait
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