Sadly @DonBraid, whose journalism I have great respect for, is inaccurate in his assertion that Alberta has fought harder or done better than anyone else in beating down Covid19. #ableg #cdnpoli
Here is the total number of cases. As you can see Alberta had more cases than British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, all 3 territories, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. Not even close to the best.
And here is the total number of deaths. Higher than SK, MB, YT, NT, NWT, NS, NL, PEI. Again, not even close to first.
Also worth noting that Alberta had the largest single outbreak on the continent at the Cargill plant.
And that abbreviation for Nunavut should be NU not NT. My apologies to the fine people of Nunavut. 😬
Alberta has done a phenomenal job at testing, yes, an OK job at responding - notwithstanding Cargill, JBS, and some Calgary LTCs in particular.
But we are far and away not the best. We are middling to less than average.
I've also put together a chart with a breakdown of Covid cases & deaths, each province/territory's population and per 100k totals ranked here. Not even close to the best when looked at on a per capita basis. #ableg #cdnpoli
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