Joe Biden's Disability Policy Briefing will be starting any minute now. I will be live-tweeting the critical points (but i may not get everything sorry!). I'll do my best, and everything will be tagged with #CripTheVote! #AccessToJoe #Election2020
and we got a special guest, @JoeBiden #CripTheVote #AccessToJoe
"Everyone's entitled to a life of dignity and opportunity, including those with disabilities." - @JoeBiden #AccessToJoe #CripTheVote
"I'm going to be a partner. A partner as we all work together to expand meaningful opportunities to people with disabilities." - @JoeBiden #AccessToJoe #CripTheVote
"I promise you, I think this can get done in a way that we've never done it before." - @JoeBiden talking about implementing a #disability plan #AccessToJoe #CripTheVote
. @NyleDiMarco is now on - "I'm a huge advocate because I am part of a large disability community." #CripTheVote
Now we got @PerlmanOfficial - "[The ADA] was a good thing. But it could use a little more, should we say....improvements."

Couldn't have said it better, Itzhak. #CripTheVote
"My dream is maybe the government could organize a convention for architects to talk about the...disability community."

@PerlmanOfficial is talking a lot about architecture and accessibility, and how arbitrary "codes" are not enough. #CripTheVote
And now, @SenDuckworth is up to talk about the plan! I love her. Sen. Duckworth, I love you. #CripTheVote #AccessToJoe
"Disability rights is not a niche issue." - @SenDuckworth #CripTheVote #AccessToJoe
Getting into the plan, @SenDuckworth is talking about Biden employing disabled advocates across all federal agencies #CripTheVote #AccessToJoe
We are going to have to go through Biden's plan more in depth on our own. Unfortunately, the policy briefing is being sped through (in my opinion) due to time. #CripTheVote #AccessToJoe
Wait, did I hear this right? Eliminating 2 year period for Medicare? #CripTheVote #AccessToJoe
MAJOR takeaways from the briefing #CripTheVote -
1. The @JoeBiden campaign *definitely* heard the voices screaming about #AccessToJoe
2. The language used is still a bit meh, but the policies spoken about seem +.
3. As @rwgreer said - this is only the start.
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