if you’re not uncomfortable, you aren’t learning. white people haven’t unlearned racism because we’re too comfortable.
we’ve gotten too comfortable with looking the other way, with believing it isn’t our job to speak up, with assuming racism isn’t our problem. we’ve gotten too comfortable with absolving ourselves of responsibility for the way poc are treated in this country.
raising awareness about police brutality & hate crime is necessary, but we also have to concern ourselves with how we got here. white people have to look at how we got here, and we have to be uncomfortable with it.
it’s not enough to just post about the horrific ways we’ve seen black people be treated by police. we also need to be uncomfortable with the subtle ways racism manifests in society—ways most white people are partly responsible for at some point in our lives.
when you grow up interacting with, learning from, and looking up to people who look like you & have had very similar experiences and lifestyles, ignoring the persistent racism of our society becomes easy. it’s comfortable.
talking about racism can be uncomfortable. but we need to also recognize the privilege we have to be comfortable. we can avoid uncomfortable situations just by being white. and so, we need to acknowledge our position of privilege & do more than “not be racist.”
we need to be uncomfortable with all forms of racism—with microaggressions, white silence, racist mascots (yes the farmington indian needs to be changed), etc. as I said, the less comfortable we are, the more we learn. & now more than ever we need to educate ourselves
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