These are a few examples from School policies on Transgender Guidance with a particular focus on what they say about Parents. Also a good idea to check Bullying and any Sexual Health policies. Here is Suffolk.Withholding information from parents. 👇
There’s a repeated and , sometimes, subtle undermining of parent’s role. This is done by implying any questioning is somehow suggestive of a parent not doing their best, for their own child.
Barnsley Gudance (now withdrawn) also makes it clear the School is there to advocate FOR the child because Parents may not put the well-being of their child first! True. However here it seems to encompass any parent who is not immediately “affirming”.
Every one of these packs, I looked at, seem overly keen to emancipate kids from their parents.
This is a Catholic school. My old school. Here it lays out a “transition” plan and says the student can request parents are “not involved”.
Another Catholic school. Parents may be prejudiced. They can also be bypassed according to this guidance. Have we got some Woke Bishops? Or is it seen as better to have a girl than a gay boy? I do wonder when i see how quick they are to embrace this.
Most of these packs advertise the Gender Identity Service, Leicester Council. (Pack now withdrawn) make it clear that schools can refer our kids to the Tavistock!
This is another familiar theme. Apparently 48% of our kids might commit suicide *1 but there’s no reason to inform parents!

*1. This figure is emotional blackmail and based on 13. Self-reported attempts. It’s debunked regularly.
Here an explicit plan to make sure a Father, who doesn’t reside with his child, is actively deceived. The child is told they can change their name with one parents permission so, presumably, this name is not used for the Dads communications? (Happened to a parent i know)
Shropshire guidance, now withdrawn, shows what happens when a #WokeWarrior latches onto a “Transgender Child”.This disrupted carefully made plans by supportive parents. Boys don’t belong in girls toilets. My own still doesn’t use them. I’m surprised this made the final edit👇
Cornwall.👇. Again undermining parental consent and in common with a few packs makes sure the teachers can look up “Fraser Guidelines”. (I have yet to do this but will do and add to this thread. It lends legitimacy to the idea that parents can be excluded from key decisions)
Schools make it clear that they can affirm the child on all student systems and, again, this is child led decision making. Parents need not be included.
Shropshire being explicit here that their policy was to affirm the child behind the parents back. Keeping secrets for the child and excluding parents! What could possibly go wrong?
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