There are really really excellent science communicators on twitter who are part of the #BlackInSTEM community. Make your timeline better and follow them.

First up, @Afro_Herper

She’s a lizard biologist and gives us the game #FindThatLizard every Wednesday and it’s delightful.
Dr. Esther @EstOdek is a joy to follow. She’s an antibody scientist and has an awesome YouTube channel too where she brings on people to cover various topics!

@JasonWardNY is a birder, and entertaining as hell. He’s created a show called Birds of North America that is EXCELLENT.
Love animals? Follow @AlHendiify! He’s a zookeeper in Louisiana! I had the absolute pleasure of meeting him when I was in New Orleans and he’s, if it’s even possible, more delightful in person as on here. He’s funny and wonderful and sometimes silly and just great. Follow him.
Into fish?

@Sternarchella is one of my favorite people on here. He’s constantly preaching about the true drip of fish. I learn SO much from him and laugh along the way.

@Elasmo_Gal is a fish person focusing on chondryichthyans! She’s a delight and another great communicator!
There are A. LOT. of Black women to follow who are into space, including @astronaia and @astrotoya

And obviously @maejemison who I...literally cannot believe is not verified like... what is the world we are living in?!?! A trash heap that’s what. My god.
Like birds? Me too. We already mentioned Jason, but his brother @JeffreyMWard is another great bird communicator!

And then OF COURSE we have one of my favorite humans @hood_naturalist who I cannot recommend highly enough. Goddamn delightful human. Love her so much.
Like chemistry or forensics? Follow @DrRubidium! Added side bonus? She’s funny as hell.

More into animals? Follow @DNLee5 who is SO FULL OF LIFE. I was starstruck when I met her about a year ago at AAAS. Listen to everything she has to say. You’ll be better off for it.
You can follow @SarahMackAttack.
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