1) Do you ever feel that God is trying to tell you something? This past week we have had several visits from four different Luna moths- first ill post some pics them some interesting Luna facts. Then how is resignates with our personal lives and our country 😲
2) A Luna moth’s time here is less and reminds us how less time we have http://here.It  shows us how we need to enjoy each second we have here.
3) Every time it flies, it shows us that to be alive is the greatest blessing we would ever have. What we make out of our life is in our hands.
4)Some cultures,there is a belief that seeing a Luna moth is considered a message to you from the universe.
A message to remind you that you need to let go of your past and embrace your present. Also considered a message to get rid of your past identities and embrace the unknown.
5) They are nocturnal species that spend most of the day time sleeping and come out flying at night. Only a few get a chance to see them fly in the day.If you ever see one when the sun is still up,consider yourself lucky. Spotting 1 during day time is believed to be good luck.
6)Do Luna moths symbolize determination?
Not just the Luna moth, moths, in general, are attracted to light. Though its efforts towards light may at times prove to be dangerous and futile, the moth continues its journey forward.
7) This undeterred faith and determination of a moth are truly inspiring. It is important to note that the moth just doesn’t blindly fly to the light. Instead, it remains vigilant in the entire path that leads to light.
8) This reminds us to stay vigilant in all our quests while keeping our intuition and judgment intact.

A Luna moth also teaches us that it is foolishness to have blind faith with no grounding. In every journey of life,
9)with no grounding. In every journey of life, including the journey to the inner-self, we must pay attention to the signs and instincts as they might be trying to communicate with us.

The moth also reminds us that it is equally important to adjust our course as we move forward
11) So back to the #2 teeet -2019 was super rockey for our family, many deaths, moves and adaptations- personally, professionally and with our business. This is nothing compared to what our @POTUS and all patriots is up against.
12) Our time here is short and our calling is great, as #QAnon always says, PRAY! 🙏🇺🇸 many people have lost their lives fighting for our freedoms.
13) re read #6 & #7 in this thread? Pertain to anything? Relavant? I think so! #QAnon #DarkToLight
I never do large threads, but felt that God is telling us something and felt I must share. With all that is habbening its time to not waiver, stay vigilant in our quest. This is a new begining for all of us, unfortunatley we must suffer
thru the hardships for others to see the light! Whew I think I made that thread with out a cuss word🤪 #KeepFighting #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening is habbening😘🇺🇸
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