This is fun. Andrew Scheer’s senior staff sent an email asking supporters to promote a smear job on me at 5:41 pm on Monday. At 5:42 the attached tweet. Then the P*st Millenial published a piece. All of it based lies which they all know are lies.
Such is the way of the right wing in Canada. One hopes this loose relationship with the truth departs the Office of the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition with Mr Scheer and his merry band. But don’t hold your breath.
Anyway, as a Glace Bay friend said to me. “You should be flattered. Nobody goes out to goon the 4th line.” So thanks for the backhanded compliment, @CPC_HQ. It almost made me miss you.
Finally, the work we are doing under @brucelourie’s excellent leadership is a volunteer, non-partisan contribution to Canadian public policy debate. 🤞 it is received in that spirit by sensible people of all political stripes who care about #ClimateChange.
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