I swear to god, when this is all over Johnson & Cummings will have so poisoned the relationship between science, politics & the public that we're going to need to completely rebuild public trust in science

They will inject poison right down to the very core
There are more than a few scientists I know who think that Dominic Cummings will be an asset for science in the UK

Sixth form scientism is rampant in Cummings's blogs & there's no doubt that under his *premiership* (let's not lie), sci will get more funding than it o/wise would
I freely admit this is tempting. There are multiple ways that we (and I) could personally flourish under Cummings.

But we need to look beyond our short term agendas. The last week has taught us that the Cummings future for the UK is the antithesis of what science stands for.
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