Rosenstein's going FIRST on June 3 **before** the June 4 vote on subpoenas to the SpyGate plotters because what he's gonna say on June 3 is going to make it so crystal clear what happened not a single R Senator is going to dare vote against subpoenas & moving forward.
DOJ Ethics Dept. **cleared** Rosenstein to supervise these RussiaGate investigations & give the plotters whatever they wanted while he was COLLECTING EVIDENCE.

He could both **participate** with them and **testify** against them later.

It's what an undercover informant DOES.
Once you tell me Rosenstein, after being cleared to do this & air dropped into the middle of the biggest RICO criminal conspiracy EVER involving dozens of gov't officials both domestic & foreign, should've SHUT IT DOWN, all that tells me is you don't know what an informant does.
Rosenstein wasn't sent in there in late April 2017 to SHUT ANYTHING DOWN. He was sent in there to collect evidence on a massive criminal conspiracy to sabotage a presidential campaign & then to overthrow a President that was ALREADY UNDERWAY for 2 years before he got there.
It was **vitally important** that the entire RICO conspiracy already in motion to perform this coup against President Trump be thoroughly mapped out, including -


-including the ****FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS**** THAT PARTICIPATED in the coup attempt.
You're about to discover WHY AG Barr and US Attorney John Durham made all those FOREIGN TRIPS to places like the UK, Italy, Australia, Germany and elsewhere.

This was an INTERNATIONAL coup.

It had to be hollowed out from within very carefully.
They had to COMPLETELY trust and OPEN UP to this government informant dropped into their midst while they were still frantically working to get this President out of office.

They gave him fraudulent warrants to renew. He played along.

And now he's going to TALK.
The Democrats will publicly FREAK OUT, of course.

They'll SCREAM the DOJ's informant **obstructed** the Mueller investigation!

Which of course, is ABSURD.

HOW could Rosenstein have obstructed it?
How could your gov't informant have obstructed the investigation if he ALLOWED your slimy corrupt bloodhounds to look everywhere they wanted to look for Trump/Russia collusion evidence?

Which is **exactly** what Rosenstein did.

Again: he's not sent in there to STOP anything.
Once you get this programmed thought out of your head "Rosenstein should have shut this all down the moment he got there!" you can begin to CLEARLY SEE what he was actually doing.
He even put "America First" in his letter to the President, thanking him for the opportunity to serve this country in such an important job.

A whole lot becomes clear by next Wednesday afternoon.

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