"I don't want to fight for scraps in a dying world."

- Public commenter just now, whose family was directly impacted by PG&E's wildfires, urging CPUC to reject PG&E reorganization plan.
Lots of outrage and gut-wrenching public comments today including from people whose lives were destroyed by PG&E's fires. The CPUC is slated to vote on the PG&E bankruptcy reorganization plan today.

Watch live: http://www.adminmonitor.com/ca/cpuc/voting_meeting/20200528/
"This is a recidivist, felonious corporation" that should not be given another chance to kill people, another commenter says.

It has been more than an hour straight of public comments lasting 1.5 minutes or less. Seems like everyone is strongly opposed to the PG&E plan.
The public comment period has finally ended 2.5 hours into the CPUC's meeting. Most comments were in opposition to PG&E's bankruptcy plan.

Now a 30 minute break, and then on to the discussion and voting by CPUC Commissioners of the various agenda items...
Anyone else think the CPUC's waiting music is kinda catchy?
Resource Adequacy central procurement entity for local RA decision has been held until 6/11 voting meeting
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