3/ "Warrior training" exposed to be dangerous and ineffective. Minneapolis' mayor bans it. The police chief doesn't want it. But the retrograde police union led by a "Cops for Trump" type keep offering. Read more about it: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2017/02/dave-grossman-training-police-militarization/
4/ And, here's my thread about how the real problem in many police departments isn't the brass—Minneapolis' police chief once sued city to get rid of racism in department—it's the police unions: https://twitter.com/ClaraJeffery/status/1265819099474485248
5/ Many types of police reform are needed. But none more needed than reforming the unions that are often led by people none to shy about their white supremacy, like Lt. Kroll of @mpdfederation (which has deleted its account, evidently)
6/ We can elect enlightened mayors. Who can appoint enlightened chiefs. But nothing will change until the police unions clean up their own act.
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