Sometimes, you may plant a seed, give it all necessary conditions possible for germination (lighting, temperature) but they never germinate.
This is not bad luck, neither is it witchcraft, This is called SEED DORMANCY
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Oxygen and water fail to penetrate the seed coat causing dormancy.
Germination inhibitors like chemical inhibitors presence inside the seed also cause seed dormancy
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Many species of plants have seeds that delay germination for many months or years, and some seeds can remain in the soil seed bank for more than 50 years before germination
Seed dormancy is divided into two categories :

a) Exogenous Dormancy

b) Endogenous Dormancy

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a) Exogenous Dormancy
What is exogenous dormancy?

This type of seed dormancy is caused by conditions outside the embryo and is divided into:

. Physical dormancy
. Chemical dormancy
. Mechanical dormancy
Physical dormancy is a result of impermeable seed coat caused by fruit drying.

Unless, you break seed dormancy, the seed will not germinate.

How can one break physical dormancy?

You can use fire, drying or high temperature to break physical dormancy.
Mechanical Dormancy is a result of low Embryo growth potential or seed coat being too Hard and as a result failing to allow the embryo to expand while germinating
Chemical dormancy Is a result of growth inhibitors accumulating around the embryo.
They can be removed by leaching or washing I. e use of rain water
b) Endogenous Dormancy

This is seed dormancy caused by conditions within the embryo.

It is divided into three categories :

. Psychology dormancy
. Morphological dormancy
. Combined dormancy

Lecture to continue at 5 am 29th May 2020
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Psychological dormancy. *
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