Pride is just around the corner, and we're celebrating it bigger than ever. Join us and #StreamWithPride as we support LGBTQIA+ creators and their communities in June.

Here are all the ways you can participate: 
We have a full lineup of LGBTQIA+ streamers featured on the homepage throughout the month of June.

Join us in chat to show your support! See the full schedule on our blog: 
Did you know: you can use your Channel Points to modify Emotes with Pride themes all month long?
All June long, subscribe, gift Subs, or Cheer at least 300 Bits in any channel to earn Pride-themed emotes for yourself and your community.

We’ll donate $0.10 to @TrevorProject for every paid Sub, gifted Sub, or Cheer of 300 Bits or more, up to a total of $300K.
We’re releasing a special Pride themed digital gift card, available for a limited time here: 
If you’re a @TwitchPrime member, you’ll be able to download @dreamdaddygame from @gamegrumps as part of your free game benefit in June.

Head to  for more information about the game, and happy dating!
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