We are calling on Jason Kenney to reverse his decision to take federal relief money, abandon his hypocrisy, and pay back hard hit Canadian taxpayers after we've all learned the UCP is applying for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. #ableg #cdnpoli THREAD
It's more than a little rich for Jason Kenney to apply for fed relief to avoid laying off his own party staff while at the same time laying off tens of thousands of public-sector workers during the pandemic.

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It's not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.

The UCP government continues to refuse to fund paid sick leave, offer financial support to Alberta's small businesses and relief to everyday Albertans.

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As the Premier warns of a fiscal reckoning publicly, we have come to learn he’s privately made an application to Justin Trudeau to become the United Conservative Party’s single, largest donor in UCP history — I never thought I would see the day.

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What's more, the UCP is exploiting a loophole in order to qualify for the program. #ableg #cdnpoli 5/
According to the fed website, organizations must “see a drop of at least 15% of their qualifying revenue in March 2020 & 30% for the following April & May, when compared to their qualifying revenue for the same period in 2019” to meet eligibility requirements. #ableg #cdnpoli 6/
Let me be clear. During election months, political parties exceed normal fundraising totals & a record numbers of voters donate.

To be frank, it's dishonest for the UCP to use April & May 2019 to justify applying for the wage subsidy now. #ableg #cdnpoli 7/
It seems to me that Jason Kenney believes there's one set of rules for his party, and another, completely different set for the rest of us. #ableg #cdnpoli /end
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