Remember her: #BreonnaTaylor. It may be too soon to offer this observation in risk of it being perceived as an unfair comparison; an “Olympic of the oppressed.” But it seems necessary to state what seems obvious: not just our sons, but black daughters are dying too. 1/
Seemingly, movements - historically and contemporarily - are inspired by the outcry of our community’s indignation and lament over the killing of black men. It was the 1955 lynching of Emmit Till that provoked Martin Luther King and others to launch the civil rights movement. 2/
If we recall, in 1911, there was the lynching of Laura Nelson and in 1963 there were also the three black girls who were killed in the 16th street church bombing by klan. More recently, there was Mike Brown that became the national impetus to join a movement for Black lives. 3/
During this same time period, however, there was also Sandra Bland, Renisha McBride, Korryn Gaines, Michelle Shirley and other named and unnamed black women whose lives succumbed unjustly to white supremacy and violence. 4/
In response to overlooked women, particularly in our criminal system, Legal Scholar Kimberle Crenshaw @sandylocks created the campaign #SayHerName but how amplified do we speak: #BreonnaTaylor? 5/
Again, it wasn’t until another black man was unjustly profiled and killed that timelines were flooding, tweets trending, and viral news spreading. Yes, we need the national awareness. Yes, our collective outcry is the reason legislators and other decision-makers are responding.6/
But something about our lack of response to the sanctity of life for black women is unsettling and troubling. 7/
At minimum, while we rightly express our righteous discontent for the spoils of black life by police militarization and lynching of black men, may we also remember ‘her,’ ‘she,’ and speak the names of all women who are besieged by state violence and injustices. 8/
In the words of an old church hymn, “while all others are calling, do not pass [her] by.” #SayHerName #BreonnaTaylor #ThursdayThoughts
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