Reason website attempts a defense of what Twitter was doing with it’s “fact checks” & castigates Trump’s social media EO as “Orwellian”.
Oh well, allow me to retort!
This is not “private questioning of the government’s authority” when they are using blatantly political & false “fact checks” to editorialize.

If they’re going to be editors, they’ve lost 230 protections if they cannot editorialize with strict neutrality.
And after seeing who @jack put in charge of handling the “fact checking” of the President’s tweets, how he called Trump & his administration actual Nazis, I see no case here for Twitter being capable of editorializing with strict neutrality.
Since Twitter staff can’t be fair & impartial in exercising these fun new editorial powers they are now openly using during an election year, blatantly censoring & fact checking one side while ignoring the other, they are about to have those powers taken away from them
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