Social media is an echo chamber. 280 offers little room for nuance.

Your approach may be different than how others need to/are able to react. Applying blanket conditions on what people are 'supposed to do' ignores that types of activism can vary. There's more than one way.
Loud & visible vs quietly trying to educate themselves. Spreading links/petitions vs making anonymous donations. Social media engagement vs offline activism networks. Hyper-focus on the biggest/current issue vs needing some distractions to stay mentally balanced.
None of these are wrong, none are the only way. If you can't see it or if it looks different than your method doesn't mean that it's not also valid.

There's a place for performative activism & trending hashtags. But don't lose focus on education & fundamental, systemic change.
Report the fuck out of blatantly racist, homophobic, bigoted accounts spreading hate. Block people who tone police or spew 'all lives matter' garbage.

Provide resources for people trying to learn and do better, those who may be trying to get involved for the first time.
But take care not to crucify people engaging in activism that just happens to look different than yours, or who need to take a break from the outrage to recharge.
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