I hear a lot of complaints about #Decred marketing. Some of the best marketing I have seen wasn’t even marketing, it has been @_Checkmatey_ and @RichardRed0x providing absolutely the best on chain analysis and providing their thoughts. Hard data is the new marketing.

I can only tell you what I have seen and that is since these two have teamed up and both become @decredproject contractors I have seen many, many new avatars talking about $DCR. Both come in way under priced,IMO, and are much more valuable than any marketing scheme.
I voted for the Ditto proposal and regretted it. I voted against all others. What I believe the Decred community needs to realize is that we are the best marketing for Decred, not some PR firm that takes money for profit and doesn’t care about the project, only profit.
Decred has a different timeline and ethos than most all other projects. As has been pointed out before, Decred has matched or exceeded Bitcoin over the same timeframe. That’s quite impressive, and not said about many / any other projects.
The numbers don’t lie. More contractors are coming to $DCR every day. More interest is growing. You only get one chance to get things right with other people’s money. Remember, this is our chance and monetary security and the code that guards that money is greater than everything
If you build it, they will come. Let’s build it, each contributing in their own way. From writing code, to data diving, charting, and even just being an avatar and getting the word out. We all do our part and I am grateful and honored to say that I am a part of @decredproject
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