A thread on what I would change about the Alvarez Arc that would solidify it as an 8/10 at least.
1- Makarov should have stayed dead. There is really not much to say about this. I’m sure we all agree. I cried during this moment, like a lot, and to just see him come back just takes away so much from that emotional moment. There was no reason at all to keep him alive.
2- Have Natsu use his END form against his fight against Zeref. Lucy rewriting the book of END to keep Natsu alive was ok, but have her rewrite it to at least turn Natsu END. It would have made sense considering Zeref said only END can kill him, also bcuz Zeref is a fckn God
3- A backstory on all the Spriggans. I cant believe this wasnt done. The only characters we got a backstory on were Brandish, Irene, August and I guess Larcade. I would have loved to know why they joined the empire, why they’re fighting for Zeref, etc. They just felt incomplete.
4- Natsu vs Gray should have been longer. It was underwhelming to say the least and felt very short. This was a fight that should have taken at least two episodes to finish. I have no problem with Erza stopping them but at least make it longer. It also felt incomplete
5- God Serena. So hyped up just to get one shot by Acnologia. He should have gotten a good fight before that. The one against the 4 Gods of Ishgar was just underwhelming. I would have loved to see him against the dragon slayers or the S Class mages (Laxus, Erza, Mira, Gildarts)
6- Some offscreen fights should have been shown more. Such as Minerva vs Wall, Rogue vs Bloodman, and more of Mirajane vs Jacob
7- Gajeel & Levy vs Bloodman felt WAY too short. Considering Bloodman has the curses of the 9 demon gates, we didn’t even see him use all of them, and the fight as a whole felt underwhelming.
8- Mirajane. Sweetie I’m so sorry they did this to you. Considering she absorbed the demons from Tartaros, it would have been nice if we saw her fight one of the Spriggans full power. Her fight with Jacob would have been perfect for that, but lasted like 2 seconds.
9- have someone else fight Ajeel. Idk how on earth these two beat Ajeel. ERZA struggled immensely and needed help to defeat him...but these two defeated him? Maybe have Juvia fight him considering she has elemental advantage, that would have at least made sense
10- Larcade. All this fight consisted of was showcasing his OP abilities, and have something to counter it. That’s all. It could have been much more sophisticated and could have had someone alongside Sting to fight. Although Kagura and Rogue did help, they could have engaged more
11- this is not that big of a deal but it lowkey bothers me. If it’s stated that Chelia would not be able to use magic again, why is that at the end, they said she’s starting to learn magic again? Like it doesn’t make any sense at all
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