I'm sure I have many friends and family who recoil at images of fires burning and stores being looted. I can only ask that you don't rush to dismiss the pain and anger of the community. Go find some video or streams from within the protests .
You will see things you don't like, but you will also see interview after interview with people who are there about why they are there. TV news soundbites and helicopter footage are not enough.
Nothing you post today is going to stop what happened last night, what could continue tonight. Allowing some space in your head for the voices of the community will not harm you.
If you don't understand, and I don't completely understand, it's a good time to listen, to sit quiet and listen and try to understand why we are here, where the anger is coming from, why there is such hurt.
If you want to reach out to discuss it, process your emotions and questions, I promise no judgement and no name-calling, but I'm also not looking for debate.
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