1/ Apologies for having to post a picture of a picture of my original post, but Emad Badi blocked me weeks ago, yet continues to read my criticism of his "analysis" & post childish slander rather than engage in debate. #Libya
2/ Yet his reaction in this case is instructive, & worth looking at. Firstly, I'd be grateful if he could identify the "ideology" in my writing. I have a record of writing on #Libya that goes back to 2011, so there's lots to chose from.
3/ The thread in question refers to how networks & relationships have been used by #Libya's Islamists to monopolize power since 2011. Anyone interested can read the whole thing here: https://twitter.com/AlaaAmeris/status/1265670005527642114?s=20
4/ So what is the "radical ideology" that Emad is referring to? It's actually a rhetorical trick that can be encapsulated in the diagram below. Muslim Brotherhood style Islamists have calibrated public opinion to view them as "moderates", regardless of their aims & methods #Libya
5/ This calibration has been so successful, that those who oppose them & their aims can be cast - without the public laughter that would have greeted this accusation a decade ago - as "radicals". This should terrify anyone who believes in liberty & democratic values. #Libya
6/ If you think I'm exaggerating, please refer to the thread & read the whole thing. What is "radical" about it? Nothing except the identification of the Muslim Brotherhood as a major force in #Libya, which seeks, & has achieved, power through manipulation, corruption & violence.
7/ If your business is selling the fiction of the Muslim Brotherhood as democratic, moderate movement, then such revelations are indeed radical. But that'd mean that the fiction spread by the Muslim Brotherhood has become normal enough to be spouted by "think tanks" & "analysts".
8/ A word on "fratricide". Despite their affected tone, observers will notice that people like Badi become eager cheerleaders for GNA advances, & silent on all civilian casualties associated with it. Any military turn around will see the last of their "concern" evaporate. #Libya
9/ This should surprise no one. Those Badi defends were instrumental in lobbying for the so called "revolution" that was responsible for the fiercest, most brutal & most costly episode of fratricide in #Libya's history. While I now deeply lament that, Badi & his kind celebrate it
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