Minnesota needs Jesus. And roof Koreans.
Minnesota riot THREAD from Sophia Narwitz https://twitter.com/SophNar0747/status/1265823527657226243
Oh geez. https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1265967372566855685
"Please, Minneapolis, we cannot let tragedy beget more tragedy." -- Mayor

"Our anger is just. Our anger is warranted." -- Ilhan Omar
"Building engulfed in flames as riots erupt in Minneapolis following the death in police custody of George Floyd. "
LOOTING of the Target in Minneapolis
"AutoZone in Minneapolis set ablaze by rioters; several other stores looted as police stand down"
"5:40am in Minneapolis as fires continue to blaze"
ICYMI last night, this is what the Minneapolis riots started with.
THEN, SOMEHOW, it ended up HERE.
"Suspected looter reportedly shot dead by pawn shop owner during riots in Minneapolis, investigation is ongoing"
Here's what's left of the Auto Zone. At least, I think that's what the building ruins are.

(photo by https://twitter.com/JonSCollins )
"Minneapolis ERUPTS, Rioting Ensues Over George Floyd Incident, This Is NOT About Justice"
ICYMI last night, Max Nesterak ( https://twitter.com/maxnesterak/ ) has a lot of coverage from last night's riots in Minneapolis.
Minneapolis riot photos from Carlos Gonzalez at the Star Tribune.
"SHOOT THE WHITE FOLKS" someone shouted on Unicorn Riot's Minneapolis livestream.
"Morning after the protests and riots in Minneapolis of the police killing George Floyd. It’s eerie" -- video via https://twitter.com/maxnesterak/ 
"The inside of the Target is smoky; people are trying to break into the cash registers. Alarm is blaring" -- video via https://twitter.com/rljourno 
"Everything is broken into but the stores in the apartment building where residents, owners and volunteers kept guard" -- another video from https://twitter.com/maxnesterak/ 
"The affordable housing development is gone. Wendy's, too. AutoZone, a husk." -- video via https://twitter.com/StribJany/ 
"Mayor Frey’s office tells me they have asked for the help of the Minnesota Naional Guard. No word yet on how many troops or when they will arrive" https://twitter.com/LouRaguse/status/1265990061969027073
One rioter needs to work on his parking skills. Big time.
Take this Minneapolis riot aftermath video from https://twitter.com/trackingalex_ 

pull up the Fallout 3 theme on YouTube

Perfect combo #minneapolisriots
Minneapolis, 2020
just gonna post as many clips as I can for posterity #minneapolisriots
#MinneapolisRiots from last night: "Looting underway at Minnehaha Lake Wine and Spirits across from 3rd Precinct." (video via https://twitter.com/ADLavinsky )

The looting CONTINUES


"I’m arriving to scene in St Paul. The CVS on University Avenue and Snelling is already damaged." video from https://twitter.com/rljourno/ 
"Police standing outside Midway target. Crowd in parking lot. St. Paul Police say 50-60 people rushed in around 11:30 looting. Police say they dropped merchandise when officers arrived." -- video from https://twitter.com/AlexHaganKARE11 
"about 20 cars lined up in front of st paul midway target"
have some rave music to get into the thread mood
Another key moment from last night's riots, but this took place over in LA. Protesters "breaking the windows of CHP vehicles. It appears one protester may have been hit by a car and is motionless on the ground," said https://twitter.com/BillFOXLA/ 
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