Dominc Cummings father-in-law lecturing on eugenics.
His daughter Mary Wakefield is thus also the granddaughter of Baron Howick who played the key role in the bloody suppression of Africans in the Mau Mau uprising & was rewarded with a peerage for covering up massacres in Kenya.

Anti-elite Cummings & the incredibly aristocratic Wakefield family seem to have a shared interest in Eugenics & a history of racial politics.

Remember the film “A United Kingdom”?
It was Baron Horwick behind the plot to stop Seretse becoming king as he married a white woman.

No, one shouldn’t judge people by their parents or grandparents but..

...when one presents oneself as an anti-elitist with a history of racially motivated politics & obsession with eugenics it would be remiss not to look at the background in which those views were formed.

Decades back their grandparents consided Africans dispensable & massacred them & covered it up.

Their children & grandchildren then also champion eugenics & lead the most racially divisive political campaign in recent history.

Now that is quite a story.

So please excuse me if I don’t feel completely 100% comfortable when words like “herd immunity” are bandied about, the UK then suddenly finds itself with the highest death rate in world, BAME nurses & poor old people are dying...

....but the rules don’t apply to them.
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