just me trying to push my agenda that xxc and lxc were parallels for each other
I don't know if it was intended or not, but xxc and lxc are parallels in their own way
Just about how xxc was blind by choice- whether it was him giving up his eyes for song lan, or him choosing to be blind to Xue yang. And Xichen, who chose to shut his eyes to the cruelty of the Jin's and everything Jiggy did.
It's funny that they mirror each other especially when they both had their own tragic ends- they lost everything, their system of faith was uprooted completely and they were left shattered by betrayal.
The betrayal they ultimately face stems from their choice of being blind, and the cost of them choosing to be blind is their tragedy.
Again, I don't think mxtx meant to make xxc a foil for lxc, but it did happen

Coincidence or otherwise
The best part about all this is the moral high ground they were on

They were put on a pedestal for their morals and their faith, and it was the reason they fell so hard
99% of this thread is taken from my rant in the gc because my head is always filled with lan xichen and @the8smullet talking about xxc reminded me of how very similar their end was, even if their ends weren't quite the same
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