#AskingAutistics Does anyone else feel insecure about how much social justice / activist stuff they struggle to understand? Like famous books, important articles / posts, etc. I want to understand and be informed, but so much of it is non-literal or difficult in other ways.
And the problem is this applies to pretty much every topic, even (though to a lesser extent) stuff about being autistic. So I feel like I'm falling behind on every topic, and I feel like I'm failing both my own and other marginalised communities by not being informed enough.
I know part of this is my own internalised ableism and perfectionism. I'm working on that and do seem to be progressing (yay!). But it is also frustrating how much stuff is inaccessible. And it's not the sort of thing where you can just Google it.
(semi-joking here) I wish there was some kind of translator, but instead of translating from one language to another, it translates from non-literal and complex communication into literal and straightforward.
It's like I have the same basic goals and feelings and perspective on society as other leftists, but they're all speaking Allistic and I only speak Autistic, so even in their everyday conversations I struggle to understand what they mean.
Stuff like scientific papers and books written decades / centuries ago are especially difficult, but my main problem is that everyday conversations and articles written in basic modern English can still be hard for me to comprehend. That's what I feel insecure about.
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