During the 25 years long journey of turning nuclear, there are almost 11 years of Gen. Zia-ul-Haq. If you want to give credit to Nawaz Sharif whose entire share in these 25 years is less than 4 years (November 90 to July 93 & Feb 97 to May 98) then you should also thank Gen Zia. https://twitter.com/mazharabbasgeo/status/1265908243550928896
If he hanged ZAB to please USA &prolong his rule, then he could also have rolled back the nuclear program to further please them. & if ZAB payed the price of starting nuclear program, then Zia’s plane crash can also be attributed as the price he paid for continuing the program.
PS: Not at all a fan of Zia & this thread is just a sarcastic reply to Mazhar Arshad
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