@qnewsdesk @NIFRSOFFICIAL @murrayabell @CausewayHour @Coleraine_Times @ClaireSugden with another fire in Portstewart I would like to try and raise some awareness about electrical hazards in your home. Electrical fires are to blame for over 50% of all domestic fires.
As a local registered electrician i feel that there isn’t enough information for home owners to get their electrical installation tested & certified. This is for their safety and to protect the biggest purchase we all make. You mot the car and service the oil/gas burner
So why not get your electrical installation checked, the amount of potentially fire hazards I find almost daily in a domestic setting is starting to concern me, along with two recent fires in as many days it’s time to be preventive rather than waiting for a tragedy!!
If you have spotlights/ downlighting in your ceiling and has been installed for some years then I highly recommend you get them checked. We now use a low wattage lamp with a fire hood. You could have an exposed lamp buried in insulation. Are you replacing lots of bulbs Regularly?
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