THREAD👇Today is the International Menstrual Health Day. Having your period can be tough under normal circumstances, but how about during a pandemic? We have collected some stories, tools and resources below. Add yours!
#ItsTimeForAction #MHD2020 #PeriodsInPandemics #PeriodPower
1/2: In January, several feminist orgs in China found out that among the resources sent to hospitals, there was no period panties that were much in need by women medical workers who had to wear personal protective equipment all day. #PeriodsInPandemics #May28 #MHD2020
#Infographic: Periods don’t stop for pandemics!
Check out this brand-new infographic on the implications of COVID-19 on MHH, including what action is needed during and after the pandemic. 🔎
#PeriodsinPandemics #MHD2020
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