28 May 2020 #MAGAanalysis Masks and the Philosophy of Self-Sacrifice for the Group

First, I have to express thanks to @Anonymo94924320 and @ASpotIntheCloud for their guidance and inspiration.

Naziism is not about Germany, Hitler, swastikas, the Aryan people or anti-semitism.
2) All those things, the Holocaust and all the evils that Hitler and Germany perpetrated were specific expressions of a far deeper cause. To understand this deep cause there is a key nuance we must master. It is the difference between an incident or a moment, and a totality.
3) No one thinks - at least no one I know - of self-sacrifice as the complete and utter extermination of the self, itself, if you will. Rather, we think of the term sacrifice as doing something difficult for a greater purpose. We think of causes larger than ourselves.
4) Our recent holliday, Memorial Day, was created to enshrine the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Yes, for our nation. Yes, for our people and our way of life. But also as the ultimate expression of what each such soul stood for with his or her life.
5) We all die. Ah, but to cut off years or decades from our already far-too-short lives, to accept death for a cause and on behalf of others is incredible thing. My great friend @JoshuaMacias expresses this better than anyone I know. Our veterans all faced death.
6) We even have, the world over, tombs to the unknown soldier. In this we enshrine that it is a tragedy, a horror that this soldier's name is not known. His face cannot be remembered together with his name, his identity. Do you follow? Death, here, is a sacrifice of life.
7) To be very technical, it is A sacrifice, the ultimate one, made by a self. It is an event, but NOT a totality. It took courage, honor, goodness, and extraordinary strength of soul, of character...of self. Where we can, we MUST remember the fallen, by name, by identity.
8) Even in this, the ultimate sacrifice made by a self, what this is NOT, is the sacrifice of the self, itself. It is only the sacrifice of life, not of THE SELF. It was a sacrifice made, in this one event, BY A SELF, for the greater good of a higher cause.
9) Naziism has nothing like this. Rather, Naziism is the sacrifice of the self, itself, to the group. Science fiction has taken this to the ultimate extreme in Star Trek's ultimate evil, the Borg. Through cybernetic technology, the soul has been snuffed out of the body.
10) The Borg are the ultimate Nazis. Interestingly, they do not give a fig about race, nationality, or even species identity. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. The Borg would never mass murder Jews. They'd simply assimilate them.
11) The ultimate key to Naziism is the complete sacrifice of the self on behalf of the group. There's something deeper still to address, and that is king worship. Das Fuhrer was the king. His was the voice of the people, the group. He speaks for the tribe and expresses its will.
12) This is a very slippery slope. For the first years - from 2015 forward - the enemies of what became the MAGA movement, attacked Trump as if he were a second Hitler, endlessly. Trump is our leader, and he is our voice. But his is the anti-Hitler. Why?
13) Rather than demanding that we sacrifice ourselves to the group, to our nation, Trump, in calling for America First bases his entire method on the American Constitution, and on the protection of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. America brooks no sacrificing of self to the group.
14) For Trump, for MAGA, the purpose of the group is to protect the rights of the individual. As our forefathers, the founding fathers of our nation did, we again ELEVATE each sacred soul to the position of highest value. We may all make sacrifices, but we never sacrifice self.
15) Follow it out. We, as selves, we make sacrifices. These are often termed "self-sacrifice." But, these are events, moments when a sacrifice is made for a higher purpose. What these are NOT are totalities. We NEVER sacrifice, not even in death, the totality of our selves.
16) The underlying basis of Naziism is the complete sacrifice of the self to the group, and is NOT a mere event, it is certainly not for a higher calling. It is the immolation, the destruction, the complete surrender of the self to the group, where the group is all that matters.
17) There is a simple reason that Naziism is not Communism. In Communism, the proletariat are led to believe that after the destruction of the bourgeois, and a time of transition, all lives will be improved. Naziism never has to bother with such as that.
18) In Naziism, the group will live, thrive, move forward, fulfill its destiny. All is the group. All values. All norms. All standards. All behaviors. They are all dictated by the group, and its leader, the fuhrer, the king. And his henchmen too, of course. His aristocracy.
19) The king and his court very literally dictate everything. The king is a dictator. He controls, everything. The total. When the group - as led by the king - is the total, what are you, the self, yourself? You are nothing. You are less than nothing. You should be grateful.
20) Be clear, Hitler had nothing on either Stalin or Mao. Communism is a lie. It's just Naziism pretending not to be. We don't face evil enemies of two different brands in truth, only in propaganda. Communism is always totalitarian. It can't not be. Communism = Naziism.
21) The reality is that each requires the complete sacrifice of the self, totally, utterly, completely, permanently to the group. This is no mere incident of self-sacrifice for a greater cause. It is rather the complete sacrifice of the self, totally. Completely. Eternally.
22) Totalitarian states do not merely require the destruction of the self in the here and now. They demand the destruction of life for all time, eternally. That is, they require the destruction of the afterlife. There is no heaven to follow death in any totalitarian state.
23) Heaven, as such, is ONLY for the group, never for the person.

It's complicated, and I hate to do that. But integrity requires that I confess that I do not believe in a life after death, personally. Yet, I'm allowed. We each believe what we believe. Or don't believe.
24) I hasten to proclaim, with all the joy in my heart, that I support you, the vast majority of you, who do believe not only in life after that, but a heaven to win, and an eternity to spend with loved ones and at God's side. I celebrate the comfort and joy this gives you.
25) More, I celebrate how very right you may be, and how very wrong I may be. I seek no converts to my non-religion. I honor your right to believe, to worship, to pray as you will. And, you can ask my clients, I help them become better at the practice of their religion.
26) America was built upon religious freedom, which is the right of each self to worship as it wills. These rights are compressed into four, as I so often repeat:

1) Life
2) Liberty
3) The Pursuit of Happiness
4) Property
27) When Naziism confronts the individual, it demands the total sacrifice of all four rights. Your life is the state's. Your liberty is merely a subset of the state's will for you. Happiness is of nought. And no, you have no right to property, only the state owns anything.
28) All of which brings us back to masks. Masks are, and with no question whatever, the single most totalitarian move ever made by evil forces in American history. I'll map this out very carefully now. I resisted masks until @KateScopelliti persuaded me not to resist.
29) When life is at risk, you must take every possible precaution. This is NOT the sacrifice of self, it IS the protection of self. So, I proudly converted, and wore my mask, and still do. Of my own free will, well, as influenced by my goddess. I thrill to listen to Kate.
30) As a man, as a self, I am allowed to deem my wife my goddess and to worship on her altar. I am allowed. And, of my own free will, I am allowed to wear a mask should I deem it wise. And yes, I get the logic of masks. Sputum. Spit. It transfers viruses. We spit on each other.
31) We don't mean to. We're not insulting each other. Rather, it just happens. Any mask, no matter how porous, deflects some of our spit. So obviously, some speed of transmission of a virus will be slowed, the more of us wear them.
32) This is called a network effect. One fax machine has infinite cost and zero value. Who will you send your fax to, if you own the one and only fax machine? Two fax machines may or may not halve the cost or double the value, but you get the idea.
33) There's always a tipping point in network effects where the additional cost of the next machine plummets in comparison to the value of the network. This is precisely how masks work. They reduce sputum propulsion and thereby slow the spread of a virus. It's really simple.
34) But at what cost? If they are free - and by free I do NOT mean dollar cost - if they are free to wear - and NOT mandatory - then their cost is low. There is the question of breathing back in your own expelled carbon dioxide. Not good. But, low cost.
35) But what is the cost if we allow masks to become mandatory? Stick closely. We wipe out our entire Bill of Rights and our Constitution. Worse. Philosophically. Spiritually. We become Nazis. We embrace the sacrifice of self, totally, on behalf of the group.
36) A soldier freely sacrifices his life on behalf of his fellows, and on behalf of his nation, and if he's an American, he sacrifices his life on the altar of freedom. What he does NOT do is sacrifice his self. Life does NOT equal self. Self does NOT equal life.
37) While alive, your self exists. If you believe in heaven, your self continues to exist in the afterlife. But no one can equate his self with his life without sacrificing belief in a legacy. Your legacy is the continuing impact, after you die, of your actions while alive.
38) What is a mask? Technically, the only thing it is, is a reduction of the fly of sputum. To the degree this slows a virus, it is technically logical. To the degree there is a network of sputum spread reducers, benefit is attained. But, is it worth the cost?
39) Done freely, by an intelligent self who willingly joins a network of fellow face mask wearers, the cost is so low as to not be worth counting. Do it, or don't. You're free. No problem at all.

Done by mandate? Give up your Constitution. Give up your Bill of Rights.
40) Far worse. Done by mandate a new philosophy is being programmed into your mind, heart, and soul. You are nothing. You have no face. You have no identity. You are the Borg. Resistance is futile. By mandate, if you accept, you become a Nazi. Linger there.
41) When I was 21, my Kate took me to Europe. She paid. We spent 28 days there. During our journey, we ended up, for just an afternoon, at Dachau, the very first Nazi concentration camp. No single event in my life ever affected me as much.
42) Dachau had a mess hall. It still remains. I'll guess there were 500 of us tourists visiting that day. The mess hall had so many fold up seats. An 8 millimeter tape, click, click, click, played of videos shot by the Nazis during the Holocaust. They were proud of what they did.
43) As the clip played, truck loads of gassed Jews transported to the ovens, my heart was overwhelmed. I was a young, proud man. I don't weep in public. I don't cry. But my heart was overwhelmed and I decided to surrender. I wept. Heaping sobs as I watched the dead transported.
44) I didn't know it then. I didn't weep so much for the extinguished souls of the Jews as for the extinguished souls of their executors. It was called a snow. For the years of the Dachau ovens, a rain of Jewish ash descended in Munich. People cleared their cars in the morning.
45) I did weep for myself. I easily imagined myself, in those horrible years, wiping my own car free of Jewish dead person snow, and doing nothing. I wept for the evil of the German people, surrendering to the force of Naziism, and doing nothing. And I wept with fellow guilt.
46) What can just one person do? The group is large. The group is mighty. The group is...if you believe its evil leaders...everything. You are nothing. The group is total. You are zero. That is Naziism. That is totalitarianism. You are nothing. Less than nothing.
47) And so my governor, Northam, he mandates that I wear I mask. Now, already, as I've shared, I wear a mask freely. My problem now is that he commands that I do so. My one ideal, that of personal freedom, demands I disobey his evil mandate. Yet, that's a loss too.
48) I am a family man. I am a businessman. My family, my business, they cannot allow me to become a civil agitator. What, for my own personal pride, and youthful fantasy of rebellion against "the man"? I am a serious man, with serious responsibilities.
49) And I actually agree with FREE mask usage. I agree. But I do NOT agree with the evil, illegal mandate putting itself forward as law, and with the full force of legal enforcement. What about my civil liberties? What about my personal freedom?
50) So be clear. Northam is a Nazi. He demands the sacrifice of self, totally, not in this or that free incident, but totally. He demands, by his form of law, that I cover my face in public. And why?

It has nothing to do with public safety.
51) This is American Naziism. It has no swastika. It is not racial, as in the Aryan People. It is obviously NOT German. And we have no modern reincarnation of Hitler. There is no fuhrer, here. Do you see? Those were mere incidents, the accidents of history that they were.
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