This amazing citizen journalist, C'Monie Scott, livestreamed from the middle of the chaos in Minneapolis. "This shit is fucking crazy. We need justice for George. I do not approve of what's going on but I understand... I'm mad too but I'm just going about it in a different way."
Photos from livestream by C'Monie Scott
Photos from livestream by C'Monie Scott #Minneapolis
Citizen journalist C'Monie Scott: "This is beyond a riot, I don't even know what to call this. Literally just chaos." #Minneapolis
C'Monie Scott: "I am so sorry #Minneapolis. This shit is crazy. I'm hurting for my city right now, y'all don't understand."
C'Monie Scott: "I'm really trying to stay strong. Oh my God, Wendy's is on fire now.... I am heartbroken right now, my city is really getting torn to pieces." AutoZone and Target also were on fire. #Minneapolis
Two buildings on opposite sides of the street (credit C'Monie Scott)
C'Monie Scott: "Pray for #Minnesota. We need all of your love. We need all of your prayers. This doesn't make sense. This is not even about George anymore. I'm sick of this shit. Like I said, I understand, but that does not make it right."
C'Monie Scott: "This is not justice"
C'Monie Scott: "That street, maybe it's Minnehaha, every single store has been ransacked and vandalized. They blew one of those stores up. Target got set on fire too. They were setting cars on fire. It's bad, you guys. People are bringing kids here, you" #Minneapolis
C'Monie Scott: "Those people just screamed out of the car saying 'come to the Paul tomorrow' so now they're trying to move it to St. Paul. This is not about George anymore y'all.... Are you kidding me, they're at the MOA [Mall of America]?! This is what I mean." #Minneapolis
C'Monie Scott: "This is not about George, they are literally just going crazy at this point...they are taking it deeper than south Minneapolis... why are you taking it anywhere else? This is not about George. This is worse than a riot, this is chaos." #Minneapolis
C'Monie Scott: "This is straight chaos...they just don't care, it's not even about being mad...The people that's coming, they didn't come to support George. They came to help fuck shit up. They came to help watch. They wasn't out here supporting with us, this is not about George"
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