1/4 My Dad & I have been visiting a local beaver pond to Dad for last 3 yrs in Angus. Whilst we adore them, they are problematic for both farmer & landowners - localised flooding of crops & felling of precious trees. So Dad worked with them both to find solutions
#Beavers https://twitter.com/ferretscot/status/1265875044061843456
2/4 He took time to speak with them, listen to their concerns & act. He wrapped trees, installed a beaver deceiver, explained benefits of beavers to farmer (plentiful water supply during drought, more pollinators to pollinate crops) & has kept in touch with them throughout
3/4 So why are our govt agency not doing this? Why are they not working with & protecting nature as they are meant to? Science shows us time again how much we need beavers in climate & biodiversity crisis. Which our govt has declared we are in
4/4 We cannot continue in this manner. We must learn to work & live with nature & we need govt support to do so. We must learn from this horrific pandemic & change our ways. They’ve managed to live & work with beavers in Europe, so why can’t we? Species thrive in beaver habitat
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