Bronfman, Epstine and Prince Andrew as well as Sarah Ferguson are linked. NVIXM to Epstine funding is well chronicled.
We have a big ungodly mess basically. Brookfield, Intratrust, Bronfman and Jeffrey Epstine all connect to the Kompromat. NVIXM to Epstine money links are known. Bronfmans and Trudeau funding is known. SNCLavalin wrapped up in money laundering at Intratrust with address in Q4.
Doug Finley of the In and Out scandal, Bruce Carson who has his scandal with his sex worker girlfriend & Gwyn Morgan CEO during SNC Lavalin's corruption all worked with EPIC who governed oil & gas. Many Harper appointed people were linked to scandals.
I built this website as a delegate of the Line 9 oil pipeline hearings. It links KMPG to the tax evasion of pipeline companies including Enbridge and TransCanada. Stephen Harper intervened in the @CanRevAgency investigation on the Isle of Man Schemes. 
The founder of Earthday was Ira Einhorn who murdered his girlfriend as was bailed out of jail by Barbara Bronfman. NVIXM linked to eco movement to gather funds and slow development of the solutions while they continued to profit from oil and gas.,8599,168382-2,00.html
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