Mahaprabhu Jagannath ,the Supreme God of Universe has a very close assosiation with 'Lord Nilamadhaba'
The legends regarding the tribal origin of Jaganatha is mentions in various scriptures like Skanda purana,Bhrahma purana,padma purana Sarala mahabharata,Kapila Sanhita.
According to Sarala Mahabharata Lord Krishna is manifested in the form of Nilamadhaba ,a form of Lord vishnu and appeared on the miraculous Blue mountain Neelachala of Odra desha (Odisha).
A tribal king Vishwabasu traced the ldol and started worshiping Lord Nilamadhaba.
Raja Indradyumna was the king of Solar Dynasty of Avanti was a ardent
Devote of Lord Vishnu came to know about Nilamadhaba and sanctity of
the Blue hill area from a travelling pilgrim.
Then king send Vidyapati a priest to Odra Desa get information about Lord Nila Madhaba.
Vidyapati reach the Sabarapalli on the bank of Mahanadi.Where he fell in love with Lalita, the daughter Sabara king Vishwabasu & got married her.
On the repeated request of his Son in law Vidyapati,Vishwabasu took him covering his eyes to the cave where Nilamadhaba resides.
Vidyapati was very intelligent
He secretly dropped the mustard seed on his way to the cave of Nilamadhaba was worshiped.
Then he returned to Avanti and described the whole sequence to raja Indradyumna .
On listing this Indradyumna stared journey to Odra desha with Vidyapati accompanied with Narada
But when they reached the place Lord Nilamadhaba had already dissapeared from Nila Parbata.
The king became very dipressed with this happening.
How ever lord Brahma appered before him and asked him to perform Ashwamedha Yangna and assured him that Lord would appeared in the form of Daru (sacred wood) on Mahodadhi ( seashore of Puri).
King Indradyumna weny to Nillagiri & performed the Yajna .On the next day king got information about the floating Daru on Mahodadhi near Bankimuhana.
He brought this Daru to the Mahabedi.And with the help of Lord Vishwakarma carved the pratima of
Chaturtha Murti of Lord Jagannatha,Balabhadra,Subhadra & Sudarsana.
From that day king started worshiped the "Chaturthamurti" chanting the shlokas of Rig veda as it was the symbol of Bramha .
Source -Different book on
Tribal Origin of Lord Jagannatha
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Jagganath temple Puri
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