black men have no respect for black women. no respect at all! 1 in 3 BLACK Women experience domestic violence in a lifetime. 53.8% of us experience psychological abuse and 40% of them cases are by black men.
and im supposed to stand up and fight for black men when the police are murdering you guys? we fight, and fight and fight for black men. we do everything for y’all. and y’all can’t even protect us!!! you rape us, you kill us, you abuse us, you manipulate us...
black couples are 3 times more likely to have abuse in their relationships than white couples. 3 TIMES.
and I’m not saying it’s okay AT ALL but we bend over backwards to protect you BLACK MEN and i can’t even trust my life in the hands of a black man because I’m afraid.
we birth you, feed you, raise you, nurture you, love you, take care of you, create more BLACK men... and the statistics are never decreasing! black men hate black women but why?
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