its cops undercover setting buildings on fire. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEAN
they're setting buildings on fire and playing fake gun shots to get media coverage and make us look as bad as possible this is so disgusting and evil and they know their time is coming
this does not mean they're responsible for every single building set on fire or every single gunshot heard. it's means they are fueling the riot in an effort to demonize the protestors and give them as bad an image as possible when it comes time for media coverage
the issue is, why are people who are supposed to uphold the law doing the opposite. it's just a peek into what goes on behind the scenes to keep certain groups disenfranchised and oppressed and there's nothing new about these methods
muting this for my sanity #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloydWasMurdered
this is all speculation 😁
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