So I might get hate for this but I wanted to state my thoughts on the issue with people using the pride flag for supporting the NHS. We have a reason to be upset about this. A lot of people are saying we're just being "sensative" or "over the top" or whatever. 1/?
As someone in the LGBTQIA+ community I would like to make a point that the pride flag and a rainbow are different. A rainbow has 7 colours while the pride flag has 6. 2/?
But what people need to understand is that putting the pride flag up instead of a rainbow to support the NHS isn't right. I agree with people saying it's eraising the point of it. Also I've heard that people DIED for the Pride flag. 4/?
Also it's not the NHS's fault they have nothing to do with what people hang out to support them. Please be mindful about this and think about what you put up to support the NHS. Don't buy the pride flag for this please. End of thread
Now I'm all for supporting the NHS that's fine but you have to keep in mind what LGBTQIA+ people go through. I understand that NHS people have sadly died in this whole pandemic. 3/?
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