The #BoisLockerRoom incident sparked conversations around consent & sex education. We attended a webinar by @ScooNews, @untabooers & APER — where we had solution-based conversations around sex education, destigmatising these issues, & the role of parents+schools. (1/5)
Sex education should encompass not just biology, but gender, sexuality & #mentalhealth too — it is also about providing safe spaces for conversations around all these aspects for holistic understanding. #BoisLockerRoom (2/5)
The most popular information on the internet is not always correct — & teenagers often end up relying on the most popular answers. They become likely to internalise misinformation & biases around sex & sexuality. #SexEducation #BoisLockerRoom (3/5)
Teenagers can find navigating sex & sexuality more difficult if they don't have good role models in their homes or outside. #BoisLockerRoom #SexEducation (4/5)
When we talk to children about consent, sex & sexuality, we want to be sure they understand what we're saying. It's important to know what a child is able to understand at their age & explain concepts that they can relate to.

More here: (5/5)
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